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Hydrangeas For America's Gardens

by Michael A. Dirr

From Booklist

Mopheads and lacecaps are among the alluring types of hydrangeas that gardeners are enticed to purchase and plant, but not all hydrangeas thrive in the various U.S. climate zones. Dirr directs his authoritative voice and vast knowledge to helping the gardener understand the botany of hydrangea species, as well as the horticultural pluses and minuses of countless cultivated varieties. A bounty of color photographs documents mature climbers, shrubs with lavish foliage, and detailed views of gorgeous inflorescences, including snowballs, while the text covers a fascinating panoply of worthy specimens that embraces the rare and the commonplace. Informative yet entertaining, Dirr's descriptions warn of anemic green leaves and lack of cold hardiness or draw appreciative nods with superb frost tolerance and the frizzy effect of rose to mauve inflorescences with little white eyes. Chapters also provide information on lesser known hydrangeas, care and culture, propagation and pests, and future breeding, as Dirr's reigning expertise in the realm of trees and shrubs comes through once again. Alice Joyce Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

Hydrangeas : A Gardeners' Guide

by Toni Lawson-Hall, Brian Rotheva

Beautifully illustrated with over 130 color photographs, this new, revised edition of the classic text on hydrangeas shows the enormous possibilities offered by the plants, describing 20 new cultivars not in the original edition. The first section provides information on natural history, cultivation, and propagation; the second section describes 100 cultivars, including salient characteristics and even leaf and sepal outlines. The information is highly readable, yet full enough to be used as a guide to identification. It's easy to see why the book is a classic, and no hydrangea enthusiast will want to be without this new, expanded edition.

Complete Hydrangeas

by Glyn Church

The large number of hydrangea cultivars developed in recent years has done much to increase their popularity across North America. Gardeners in colder regions, who could not grow these brilliant bloomers, now have many choices available. Today there are new super-hardy, dwarf and compact varieties; new colors; and new forms of these satisfying plants. P> Glyn Church celebrates these developments in this comprehensive guide. Illustrated with lush color photographs on every page, Complete Hydrangeas features:

The author's advice, guidance and enthusiasm will have readers enjoying these show-stopping blooms in their own gardens.

Encyclopedia of Hydrangeas

by C. J. van Gelderen

Famed for their durability, beauty, and diversity, hydrangeas are enjoying a renaissance in today's gardens. These classic garden shrubs provide bold color from pink to purple, blue to white in midsummer to midautumn, when few other plants are in bloom. Many hundreds of dramatic species, hybrids, and horticultural selections are available to the enthusiast to fill every possible niche in the garden.

For the first time, a thorough encyclopedia shows in full color the range of flowering treasures available. With complete information on cultivation, propagation, and pests and diseases, The Encyclopedia of Hydrangeas promises to help every discerning gardener ensure planting success. Lavishly illustrated with approximately 800 photographs, the concise descriptions present more than 1000 hydrangea species, subspecies, varieties, and cultivars. All types of hydrangeas are included, from blousy mopheads to delicate lacecaps, from oakleafs to climbers. This incredible resource provides gardeners with the tools needed to discover the many true gems in this lovely group of plants.

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