Pete's Hydrangeas


I have had a problem with chipmunks digging under an entire section of my hydrangea garden as well as other places in the yard, and digging in my pots with new cuttings. (Getting at my cuttings is totally unacceptable!!!) I have also heard of cases where they can get into your foundation.

After much frustration trying to get rid of these critters, I tried a solution that has been posted elsewwhere on the Internet and it works. IT WORKS VERY WELL. Eleven (11) less chipmunks in the first eight (8) days.

Get a five gallon plastic bucket, fill it half full of water, place it near where you see the chipmunks scurrying around. Be sure the top of the bucket is level with a surface such that the chipmunks can get to the rim of the bucket, or improvise a board or ramp up to and over the rim of the bucket. Put in enough sunflower seeds (with the shells still on) in the bucket to cover the water completely. Four or five handfuls should do it. Our Wal-Mart carries a ten pound bag for just a few dollars.

The scent of the sunflower seeds attracts these pests. They will think they have hit the mother load until they jump in the bucket. It does take some time, but they will drown. If you look in the bucket shortly after they are dead, you will not see them as they are below the water. Stir a stick in there and you will find them. After a number of hours, they will float.

I strongly recommend AGAINST trying to net them or otherwise get them out of the bucket if they are still alive. They bite and may be rabid.

Note the little board in the pictures allows access from the brick wall to the bucket. It has another unseen board on the bottom, so it is steadier than it looks. I put a couple of seeds on the board. When the seeds are gone that usually means a capture. It seems that they are out looking for food from the morning until mid-afternoon.

I clean out the bucket after each capture. Dispose of the seeds and remnants of the animals far away from your gardens. The old seeds may still attract their live cousins. While I once captured two at one time, I suspect there may be some very slight odors that keep them away after the first is captured. After a day or so, the seeds become saturated. They begin to sink and need to be refreshed by either adding a new layer on top or dumping everything out and starting anew.

My apologies to those who find this approach objectionable, but it works and it is less objectionable to me than all of the problems these rodents have caused in my yard and garden. I do not want to leave out any kind of a poison or steel trap that might hurt a pet or a child.

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