Pete's Hydrangeas


These are notes prepared by Eddie Aldridge.

Collect seeds in Nov-Dec-Jan-maybe Feb. Take seed (flower panticle) and shake into a white envelop. This will be approximately 1000 seeds from one panticle. Plant seeds in early April.

Use salt shaker mixed with 4 packets of artificial sweetener with this one envelop. Use open flat with artificial mix such as Mirale Grow Soil Mix.

Sow seeds in rows. Keep moist and cover flat with plastic, glass, or fiberglass. Keep moist. Seeds should germinate in 15 to 21 days. Remove cover.

After seeds have germinated, feed with 1/2 strength liquid feed such as Peters or Miracle Grow.

They should be transplanted about one month after germination into 4" pots. Top feed with osmocote (a pinch) for each pot. Keep watered in June and July.

Plants can be pinched (remove the tips) about August 1st. This gives the plants time to flush a new growth that will actually set buds and flower the following year.

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