Pete's Hydrangeas


When we moved to Alabama (zone 7b) twenty years ago, a new friend handed us what looked like a dead stick and said to put it in the ground.

Surprise, in a couple of years we had a nice hydrangea plant. And that's the way things stayed for the next 15 or so years.

I heard that you could root hydrangea so I began experimenting potting hydrangea shoots. And, to keep the story short, today I have seventy in the ground and about fifty more potted at any one time.

The pictures HERE page are the main stand in the front yard. I assure you my abilities to pot hydrangea far exceed my photographic abilities.

Those in the pix are all one basic variety that have come mostly from that single "dead" stick with a contribution of shoots also from friends Roy & Diane. They have a very mature stand of 5 or 6 beautiful hydrangea of this same variety.

New Hydrangea. Part of my outside "Lab"


I have 70 or so in ground plants, mostly I think the "Nikko Blue" or "Glory Blue" cultivar. There may be up to 1200 cultivars of hydrangeas so that I'm not sure of the exact name. They belong to the species Hydrangea macrophylla, to the "Mop Head" or "Hortensia" variety, (i.e. not a lace cap).

I also now have three lace caps in the ground, two palm lace is the name I was told, given to me by a neighbor friend Don and one from Tory, one of our regular contirbutors to this web site. I have what was described to me as a ground variety that creates new plants by growing stems that bury themselves in nearby soft ground.

Also in the ground are one Leuchtfeuer (red mophead), a Climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris), three Oak Leaf (Hydrangea Quercifolia), a Paniculata named "Hybrid" and a new mac. serrata called "Blue Deckle."

I just planted the five Annabelles that Mr. P. (another regular contributor to this web site) swapped with me. They seem to be doing well.

In pots I have some 40 plus of the Nikko Blue, 10 or so of these are from early last summer and the rest are from potting in November and March. I have a couple of the palm lace and the ground variety that I mentioned above. Friends Carole and Joe have given me cuttings for another red mophead hybrid and another blue mophead hybrid. Also, I have one cutting from a Snowflake. These are all struggling with the early summer like weather we have experienced already.

I guess you could say that I am the living example of the advertisement where a hobby has turned into an obsession. I am always looking for cuttings from new varieties. See the Swap Page.

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