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April 25, 2017

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I have tried to supply you with all of the information you might need to propagate and raise hydrangeas successfully. Before you leave this web site, would you kindly complete my Survey Form. It will only take a minute. Thanks. Click HERE.


Welcome to Pete's Hydrangeas. This is a web site for amatuer hydrangea enthusiasts and we allow in the professionals if they don't intimidate us! My enthusiasm for growing hydrangeas began in the mid-1990's. See the History page.

We try to offer as much information as possible about successfully raising these beautiful plants. One important feature of this web site is the Message Board where you can ask questions, and hopefully answer questions asked by others. I usually reply to special questions sent to me by email, BUT please FIRST read the MESSAGE BOARD and the related Archive Pages and also the pages on RAISING HYDRANGEAS and PLANTING CUTTINGS. Sorry, but I frequently ignore emails to me that ask for information already posted. Here's a History of how I got started with this obsession.


If you would like to have your pix posted in our Gallery , please email them to me. Make one copy of each 180 pixels wide to go on the gallery page, and send a second larger image of each pix for clarity.


Are your H. showing signs of disease? 2007 was a tough year in many parts of the country - late freezes, drought, scorching heat. Check out this publication from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.


For those of you who like to try growing new varieties from cuttings, we have a SWAP PAGE where you can post what you are looking for and what you have to offer. This is a great way to try out some new varieties. I have already received some Annabelle and two different varieties of lace caps in exchange for some of my Nikko Blue.


One of the frequest questions asked is How to Dry Hydrangeas. There are all kinds of proposed methods. Linda from Arkansas answered a Message Board questions recently with her method. I asked her for more information and she graciously did some research for everyone and came up with some great links. Thanks Linda for your help. Go to the LINKS page to find the addresses.


I have given young hydrangea plants to many friends and they have asked me to write down what I know about raising them. I am just an amateur and there are many web sites that have a lot more information about hydrangeas. Here's a LINK'S page with Nurseries Emphasizing Hydrangeas, Other Information Sources, and the American Hydrangea Society.


For those of you that have hydrangea plants that are of the same variety as mine, this LINK will take you to what I have written for these friends and maybe you will find it useful also.


Anyone wishing to contribute more information about raising hydrangeas, please see our combination HYDRANGEA MESSAGE BOARD / MAIL LIST.


We have started a Book List. If you have any recommend- ations to add to this Book List, please email me.


Temperature Zones are used throughout the plant literature. Here's a US map of the Zones.


Get rid rid of those pesky Chipmunks - permanently. Not interested in a permanent solution to eliminate those rodents that burrow into you fresh earth, flower pots, and any other sources of food outside, then do not click this LINK.

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