by: Pete Smith

Legend of The Haimoni Stone
Legend of the White Studebaker
Legend of the Music Man
Legend of Deidra, Queen of the Irish

Ah...the beauty of the word legend: a rumor, a made-up story, an exaggeration, a real truth?

The Haimoni Stone is a beautiful legend surrounding an odd looking rock in a back yard of a home along the Connecticut coastline. The rock is real. The picture is real. The location is real. The position with respect to Long Island Sound is real. The shape is real. The pointing north, south, east and west is real. The beach and the marsh are real.

The rest is a legend, a story created by my imagination. My client wanted to add some excitement and intrigue to this mundane, odd looking rock, somewhat out of place in his back yard.

The Studebaker Legend is a tribute to a friend who really has a rusting Studebaker sitting in his back yard. It is a made up tale told partially from the kid's point of view.

The Legend of the Music Man is a story about a wonderful childhood memory and an inspiring mentor. Is there someone in your life that you would like immortalized into a Legend? This is a custom written story that is intended to put the reader inside the cab and experiencing the same memories as the taxi rider. There may be a Bank Street in New York City and there might have been a Dominic's Market. Certainly there is a Carnegie Hall. The rest is pure fiction.

The Deidra legend was actually written for a father as a birthday to present to his teenage Irish daughter, Deidra, who loved early Celtic history .

How much of these legends did you believe as you read them through? The picture and the map give credence to the Haimoni's existence. The references to the geologists and the carbon dating add a touch of reality. The wiping out of the Haimoni by a large hurricane allows for the absence of any relics.

With only a couple of small changes, the White Studebaker legend might be adapted to any old wrecked car. Your imagination has already figured out what that particular accident was really covering up.

Good legends are mostly believeable. The trick is to leave the reader with more interest or excitement about the subject than before the legend was read. At the same time, the reader should be asking himself or herself, did this really happen? Did part of the story really happen?

Often a legend is born from a few facts and the rest is the product of a creative mind. An odd looking school teacher who disappeared from a small town a century or two back may have been the basis of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. A strong lumberjack with a big, ugly pet pig was maybe re-created into Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox. We don't know how much is fact and how much is fancy.

Do you want a Personalized Legend for your rock, an old car, an craggy tree, a haunted house, maybe a scary graveyard or old headstone?

Do you hear noises coming at night from a nearby stand of trees or an old well? Is there someone or something living in them?

Does your old teapot refuse to boil water? Does your grandfather clock always stop on a Tuesday?

Perhaps you have a deceased relative, Uncle George or Aunt Matilda, real or imagined, that needs a legend about his or her life to complete or enliven your family tree. Perhaps it's long lost cousin Harry that was last seen in 1975 walking across the Swiss Alps with only a back pack and a canteen.

Each and every one of us have some kind of odd person, place or thing in our lives. Usually the oddity is somewhat boring. A legend adds life and intrigue to the mundane.

Let me write your own Personalized Legend. Just supply some bits of information about this odd person, place or thing, and I'll write a tale to include whatever truths or fiction you supply. The more dates, specifics, pictures, descriptions that you supply, the more credible the legend will become.

Our Personalized Legends are 400 to 600 words in length, just the right length for someone to read or listen to on the spot.

Amaze your friends and guests with your own legend. Build the story up with your own additions as you entertain people in your home. At some point, everyone will get a great laugh at this unique and creative ruse.

A Personalized Legend with hand printed caligraphy on parchment like paper makes a great gift for a friend, relative, or neighbor.

You may chose the type of legend you want: Historical - something like the Haimoni Stone, Occult, Sci-Fi, Ghostly - something like the Studebaker, Mystery, something else you chose, or leave it to us.

Please note, we do not use last names of real people and will not write legends about any person alive today.

Your own personalized legend hanging in your den will get more attention from your guests than even the most exotic picture or expensive art work in your home.

To begin, please Click Here and complete the information requested. (Please be patient after clicking, it may take a minute to prepare the email.)

I will send you a brief outline of the story to review and approve. You may wish to add or change some of the key points before the final story is completed.

The cost for writing and editing your legend is $300.00. We will publish your legend on the Internet in text form free for one year. Up to six of your own digital images may be added to the web page at no cost.

Optional Services

  • Legend written in beautifully old stlye caligraphy on parchment like paper suitable for framing: $189.00 including tax and shipping.
  • Parchment Legend matted, framed and ready for hanging: an additional $150.00 including tax and shipping.


Once you have approved the outline, full payment is due for the Legend and any optional services you choose.


If you already have a PayPal account, simply direct PayPal to transfer the amount due from your account to or use a credit card CLICK HERE. . We will be notified immediately when your payment is made and promptly begin to finalize your legend.


If you do not have a PayPal account, please call (205) 987-5315 (Office) or (205) 837-4845 (Cell). We use PayPal to process all credit cards. You will be given the simply instructions to make payment. With all of the identity theft on the Internet, we have chosen to process credit card transactions only through PayPal. They have some of the most secure credit card processing servers worldwide. With them, we do not even see or know your credit card information. We will be notified immediately when your payment is made and promptly begin to finalize your legend.


Send your check for amount due to:

Pete Smith
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Birmingham, AL 35236

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